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Asheville Protest


On Friday, March 22, 2013, in downtown Asheville, there was a protest march to TD Bank. With 13 million shares, TD Bank is one of the top investors in Transcanada, the company building the KXL pipeline.

A group of Texas landowners and direct action activists ( fighting the southern leg of the Keystone pipeline have called for a week of action against tar sands profiteers during March 16-23. Katuah Earth First! answered the call with a protest against TD Bank.

Washington Rally

"An estimated 40,000 people gathered in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, February 17, 2013, for the Forward on Climate Rally on the National Mall. The rally preceded a march to the White House to urge President Barack Obama to take action against climate change and reject the Keystone XL pipeline." (Huffington Post)

Our Team at the Rally

Above and below are pictured some of the group from Holy Spirit Church who traveled to Washington, DC, to march in the rally and to hear founder Bill McKibben speak.

Rallying for Mother Earth

The XL Pipeline will involve the destructive process of extracting oil from Canadian tar sands and the construction of a massive pipeline to transport it from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. We oppose the extraction of this oil because this process not only contributes to global warming but also distracts our nation from focusing on developing renewable energy.
Resources: and the book Eaarth by Bill McKibbon.

Having a Good Time at the Rally!

(Banner photo courtesy of Susan Sewell. Photos at the rally courtesy of David McNair.)