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Since the church’s beginning, outreach has always been the heart of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit. Our mission statement, which almost every parishioner can recite from memory, embodies this: “Holy Spirit is a welcoming, loving, Christian community committed to serving God, one another, and our neighbors.”

The Outreach Committee receives, coordinates, and researches requests for assistance from church members and various non-profit organizations. The committee works with the Rector and Vestry to maximize the financial resources dedicated to outreach. The committee makes outreach funding decisions.

Supporting Our Outreach

First Sunday Offering

This monthly practice, a long-standing tradition, affords churchgoers the opportunity to support financially outreach causes of Holy Spirit Church. Recipients of the First Sunday offering are assigned a month of the year. From the first Sunday’s collection, the offering and designated checks are matched out of the church operating budget, up to an amount set by the vestry (usually $350). This total, along with other specified checks received throughout the month, is sent to the organization designated for that month.
(Coordinated by the Outreach Committee.)

Ingles Gift Card Program

Ingles Grocery Store chain provides a 5% discount to churches and nonprofits placing large gift card orders ($5,000 minimum). Holy Spirit can participate in the program by its parishioners purchasing Ingles gift cards through the church. Gift card orders are placed monthly and participating parishioners order their gift cards at that time. The 5% discount is put into our outreach programs. (Coordinated by the Outreach Committee.)

Heritage Festival

This annual event on the Mars Hill University campus celebrates our mountain heritage every year on the first Saturday in October. The festival provides major funding for Holy Spirit’s outreach in two ways: a food kiosk and sale of raffle tickets to win a quilt designed and handmade by members of the church. All proceeds from the Festival are distributed among selected Madison County nonprofits determined by the Outreach Committee.

Volunteer Opportunities

Villager Initiative

This ministry was founded years ago to serve at-risk children in our community. It includes several annual programs for foster children:

* School backpack project. (Gen Burda, coordinator)
* Shoe project. (Deb Carlson, coordinator)
* "Angel tree” project at Christmas. (Nancy Larkin and Marnie Wilson, coordinators.)

My Sister’s Attic

My Sister’s Attic is the resale store in Marshall supporting My Sister’s Place, an organization that rescues and advocates for abused families. Holy Spirit parishioners staff My Sister’s Attic every Tuesday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.(Mary Jo Sparrow, coordinator.)

Food Programs

There are several programs providing food assistance in Madison and Buncombe counties that are supported by our volunteers. (Programs coordinated by Roger Hartner.)
* Beacon of Hope. (We donate nonperishable food to support their programs.)
* Neighbors in Need. (Provides needed food as well as fuel assistance.)
* Thanksgiving Meal. (This is a multi-church project organized by Mars Hill Baptist Church in Madison County. Holy Spirit Church and other churches participate with money for turkeys and other food, packing and delivering the meals.)

Latina Women's Outreach
(La Esperanza)

Mujeres Unidas en Fe (Women United in Faith) is a weekly meeting of women — Anglo and Latina — in which community is built through positive cultural exchange. The meetings often have a time of language study for helping each another learn a second language. There are occasional informal cooking classes for learning how to cook a Mexican dish. The women talk about what is happening in their lives over a potluck meal together, including in this meal anyone who might be present at the church.

Mujeres is truly a time and place where women from different cultural backgrounds support one another. It is hoped that through this love and committment, the Latino ministry of CHS can expand to reach even more families in the community. Anyone is invited to attend these Thursday weekly sessions.

The mission of the Latino ministry is to build and deepen relationships between the Anglo and Latino communities based on a shared faith in Christ. (Rebecca Sharp, coordinator.)

Room in the Inn

This is a Homeward Bound program providing shelter for up to twelve homeless women. Holy Spirit participates with other churches by providing meals and lodging at a church, usually in Weaverville, for one week during the year. The goal is to provide a safe environment and build caring, supportive relationships with women one week at a time. (Donna Turnbaugh, coordinator.)

All Are Wecome!

There are many other ways our members are involved in the community. We have members who deliver food through Meals on Wheels, provide care and support through Hospice, work with the Libraries as volunteers and the list goes on and on. The Outreach Committee appreciates everyone involved in so many ways in our community. 

The Holy Spirit Outreach Team meets several times a year to evaluate and offer support to the various programs of Holy Spirit Church. To find out more about our programs or to join one of our outreach teams, contact the Outreach Chair (Susan Sewell) through the church office, officeholyspiritwnc@gmail.com

 (Banner photo courtesy of Kathleen Phillips)