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We're excited to now have our first opportunity to make grants from the Living Gifts Fund! We have a Plan of Operation for how funds will be distributed and expect to make two awards this first year totaling $5,000.

Grant Instructions

Read carefully this document which will explain the details of the grant and which organizations are eligible. Click this link to view, and if need be, print out this document.


The application has a list of documents which support your application. There is also an explanation of the evaluation process and a timetable.

Click this link to view and complete this Word document, which will automatically download to your device. This link is to a PDF of the same document. And to help with your documentation, click this link to view an example of a budget form.

October 10, 2021: Applications due. They can be sent electronically to peggybarnes2486@gmail.com or else via USPS mail to the church address, but NOT through both options.
November 30, 2021: Notification of decision
December 15, 2021: Funding provided to successful grantees.